About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1993

Leadership Team: Conway & JoAnne Smith (top); Chester & Elsa Wilson (right); Ricardo & Hazel Thompson (left)


We currently have two Churches in the Bahamas, one in our capitol city of Nassau, 120 disciples and the other in Freeport, 26 disciples.  The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago consisting of many islands and cays with about 16 major islands on which most of the population lives. Our goal is to reach every beach in our country spreading the gospel of Christ and planting churches throughout our populated islands. We have planned a series of missionary journeys to visit the islands, meet and connect with the people. Our last scoping visit was to the island of Abaco, which was since devastated by Hurricane Dorian.  As a result of our prior visit, we were able connect with a number of families during the Abaco outreach.  After the hurricane, we had the opportunity to host and assist one of those families who had suffered loss from the storm.  God is definitely at work and we press on!

FreeportKeyno & Pamela Hanna26
NassauRicardo & Hazel Thompson120
 Total Disciples146

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