About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1998
Re-Planted: 2013
Number of Disciples: 12
Leadership: Rhett Dopwell

We saw Satan attacking some of our younger disciples in early in the year, and half way into the year, a few of them were removed from our membership. Also, in April, our youngest missionary died suddenly. This was a significant emotional challenge for the entire group, but we responded by with even greater resolve to draw closer together, to love and value each other, and remain committed to our goals.

And so in spite of the challenges, with God’s strength we continued to lay a foundation for His work in the community. Six members were trained as “Good Enough Parenting” facilitators, and the first series of workshops were held in the capital city St. Georges. Pilot workshops in two rural parishes, and partnerships with local govt agencies also blossomed. Our married’s ministry also hosted an 8 week workshop and radio program. We also extended our HOPE program to include the local govt run home for the aged, with visits to the patients, and painting the walls of the wards.To God’s glory, we have started to see the fruit of our perseverance, as we are obviously a much more unified and cohesive group. God also allowed us to baptize a single woman in late November, ending the year with 12 committed and unified disciples. For 2016, the focus in Grenada will be on teaching practical discipleship, helping our members to identify and use their unique talents for God, and inspiring our non-Christian friends to do the same.

So far, our “Answer The Call” series has been having
consistent visitors interested in learning more. Our family life workshops (Good Enough Parenting & Marriage) will be high on the agenda this year, plus our first ever “Women’s Day” scheduled for May, and our summer HOPE activity to launch the SGU Campus ministry. We continue to pray for consistent financial support for our leaders and/or a supporting church with which we can partner for mutual training and growth as we continue to lay the foundation for a strong church in Grenada.

Brian and Michelle Santos

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