About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1989

Leadership: Lesly & Danie Cadet
(Full-Time Evangelist & WML)

Website: www.eic-haiti.org

Our dream has always been to reach every department (state), city, and town in Haiti. We believe that trained disciples, with competent and godly leadership is the way to go. In regards to that, we assembled a team to launch a school of ministry.

After much prayer and advice from the brotherhood we drafted a document, met with local authorities and the higher learning agency in Haiti.

God has moved powerfully and by next week we will officially drop off our completed document to said agency. Upon approval we’ll be able to launch in the Fall of 2016 “EICH Institut of Theology “. This Institut will be able to confer AA, BA degrees in Theology and a MA thereafter. Please pray for us! For several years now our church has been in partnership with HOPE Worldwide. We host an annual Hope Single Corps where singles serve in different orphanages, playing with and encouraged the children.

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