About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1989
Leadership: Lesly & Danie Cadet
(Full-Time Evangelist & WML)

Website: www.eic-haiti.org

Church Leadership Size Location
Bodarie Wilguens & Manise Jean - Disciples for over 20 years . Married for over 10 years. 39 Institution Mixte Chrétienne de Bodarie Section Colline des Chaînes Grand-Gosier, Haiti
Cap-Haïtien Adler and Lynda Thimot - Disciples for over 20 years. Married for 20 years with 2 kids. 228 Morne Rouge, Entrée Zo Médard Cap- Haïtien, Haïti
Carrefour Widler and Antonie Charles - Disciples for almost 10 years. Married for 5 years with 2 kids. 79 Auditorium du CRÉE Wané 95, Carrefour, Haiti
Cayes Jean Jorel and Junie Claude - Disciples for over 20 years. Married over 16 years with 2 kids. 28 École Les Nénuphars  2 Rue de Mapou Cayes, Haiti 
Les Irois Varnel & Mery Joseph - Disciples for almost 20 years. Married for over 15 years with 1 kid. 31 27 Rue Jean Pierre Irois, Haiti 
Mirebalais Patrick and Daphnée Ambroise - Disciples for over 20 years. Married for over 15 years with 2 kids. 55 Rue Chatulé Village Espérance Mirebalais, Haiti
Ouanaminthe Gerry and Sophonie Fils - Disciples for 10 years . Married for 4 years with 2 kids. 26 Collège Oswald Durand Rue Bourbon, Haut du Bourque Ouanaminthe, Haïti
Jacmel Joseph & Nadia Odjo - Disciples for 30 plus years. Married for 29 years with 2 adult kids. 38 151 Route des Orangers Tête Terrain Jacmel, Haiti
Port au Prince Anaël and Andhrale Hypolite - Disciples for over 20 years. Married for over 16 years with 3 kids. 266 7 Rue Audant , Canapé Vert Port au Prince, Haiti
Clercine Merès and Florène Vil - Disciples for over 20 years . Married for over 17 years with 2 kids. 108 College: Centre d’Etudes Blvd 15 Octobre Tabarre 13, Clercine, Haiti
Croix des Bouquets Clodel and Nathalie Belance  - Disciples for almost 20 years, married for over 12 years with 2 kids. 95 8, 3eme Ruelle la paix, rue Jasmin Dugué 11, Croix des Bouquets , Haiti 
Berly - 16 Berly, Haiti
Saint-Marc Jacques and Missadelle Louis - Disciples for 20 years . Married for almost 15 years with 1 kid. 19 Collège La Muse 61, Route Pivert
Total Disciples 1030

Our dream has always been to reach every department (state), city, and town in Haiti. We believe that trained disciples, with competent and godly leadership is the way to go. In regards to that, we assembled a team to launch a school of ministry.

After much prayer and advice from the brotherhood we drafted a document, met with local authorities and the higher learning agency in Haiti.

God has moved powerfully and by next week we will officially drop off our completed document to said agency. Upon approval we'll be able to launch in the Fall of 2016 "EICH Institut of Theology ". This Institut will be able to confer AA, BA degrees in Theology and a MA thereafter. Please pray for us! For several years now our church has been in partnership with HOPE Worldwide. We host an annual Hope Single Corps where singles serve in different orphanages, playing with and encouraged the children.

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PHOTO-2020-02-10-19-48-57 Lesly & Danie Cadet
PicsArt_12-30-12.58.03 Anael and Andhrale Hypolite
PHOTO-2020-02-09-20-41-57 Merès and Florène Vil
PHOTO-2020-02-09-20-23-59 Clodel and Nathalie Belance
Attachment-1 Widler and Antonie Charles
PHOTO-2020-02-09-22-10-27 Patrick and Daphnée Ambroise
PHOTO-2020-02-09-15-39-12 Jacques and Missadelle Louis
PHOTO-2020-02-09-07-50-39 Joseph and Nadia Odjo
PHOTO-2020-02-10-20-58-23 Varnel and Mery Joseph
PHOTO-2020-02-10-07-50-45 Wilguins and Manise Jean
PHOTO-2020-02-10-10-50-21 Adler and Lynda Thimot
PHOTO-2020-02-09-23-16-08 Gerry and Sophonie Fils