Our Mission

1. Investing in the Campus Ministry

The Caribbean continually faces a unique challenge coined brain-drain(losing youth to Europe and the Americas) due to the host of opportunities available there.  The church is not immune to this draineither.  We desire to bring a revival of faith and purpose to the Islands youth.  Our hope is to reach, train and equip while retaining spiritual leaders that make disciples for Christ, while changing lives one community at a time.

2. Foster Unity

John 17, gives us insight into Jesusdesire for Unity amongst his disciples. Here at the CMS, we are committed to unifying our churches.  Despite the challenge of limited inter-island travel due to expense, lack of diversified means of transport, and a handful of different languages, we are motivated to find and provide avenues for connection.

3. Strengthen Existing Churches

The CMS is dedicated to strengthening the faith of our churches within the Caribbean by helping to equip local church leadership, who in turn can equip others within their congregations.