Our Mission

The following obstacles must be overcome for our 2020 Vision to become reality:

Lack of Trained Disciples

Over the last 10 years, training has not been emphasized. Consequently, we have lost a generation of disciples trained for ministry. Brothers and sisters who are eager and available to take on new challenges are few and far between.

Geography & the High Cost of Air-Travel
We live on islands and our churches are separated from each other by the Caribbean Sea. There are no roads or rails to connect us. Inter-island ferries are sparse. Airfare within the Caribbean averages $550 USD per person round trip.

Substantially Lower Incomes
Our weekly offerings are smaller and our church budgets are tighter. This limits our opportunities to fellowship and train.

4 Major Languages Spoken (Spanish, English, French, Dutch)
Work being hindered because of language barriers is as old as Genesis 11. With 4 major languages spoken in the Caribbean, the problem is still alive and creates a
challenge in unifying the region for the greater good.