Our Mission

Core Values & Beliefs

Major Obstacles To Overcome:
The following obstacles must be overcome for our 2020 Vision to become reality:

Lack of Trained Disciples

Over the last 10 years, training has not been emphasized. Consequently, we have lost a generation of disciples trained for ministry. Brothers and sisters who are eager and available to take on new challenges are few and far between.

Geography & the High Cost of Air-Travel
We live on islands and our churches are separated from each other by the Caribbean Sea. There are no roads or rails to connect us. Inter-island ferries are sparse. Airfare within the Caribbean averages $550 USD per person round trip.

Substantially Lower Incomes
Our weekly offerings are smaller and our church budgets are tighter. This limits our opportunities to fellowship and train.

4 Major Languages Spoken (Spanish, English, French, Dutch)
Work being hindered because of language barriers is as old as Genesis 11. With 4 major languages spoken in the Caribbean, the problem is still alive and creates a
challenge in unifying the region for the greater good.


13 nations and 17 territories call our warm Caribbean islands ‘home’. By the hand of God, there are currently 34 ICOC churches in 13 Caribbean nations with a total of over 3,200 disciples.

However, with a total Caribbean population of over 40 million souls, there is much work yet to be done! Our vision is God’s vision…to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) and “Reach Every Beach” with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Caribbean Region Leadership Team

Brian and Michelle Santos

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reach every beach

new blood

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