Puerto Rico

About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1991

Number of Disciples: 123

Leadership: Jesus Cruz & Mirels Mirels M Maeso (Full-Time Evangelist & WML)

Location: 1609 Ave. Ponce de Léon Sector the 5 Cupey RP
00926 2714 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Website: bicoc.org 

The church in Puerto Rico has been has been perfected in love. Family, teamwork, and an environment of sacrifice defines the brothers and sisters here. As leaders we are honored to serve the church, and after fighting great battles with prayer, fasting, and hard work, we can say that the church reflects the glory of God. 

The Church served tremendously with much love for our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean. HOPE of Puerto Rico, works every summer with a camp for young people with low incomes to help with their self-esteem. Every year has been a challenge to find a place to do the camp. But the director of the school where we had the camp last year has asked us to continue the project and is giving us the support that we need!

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