St. Kitts & Nevis

About the Ministry

Church Planted: 2002

Number of Disciples: 14

Leadership: Yves & Ikeishia Turo

Location: Newton Ground, St. Kitts

The Church was never officially planted, rather it was started in 2002 by Mr. Quinton Morton and Ikeishia Esdaille. They both got baptized into the Church when they went overseas to study, Quinton in 2000 in Canada and Ikeishia in 2002 in Trinidad. The Church also has another interesting difference to most Churches in the region. The Church is located in a small village in the rural area as coincidentally both Quinton and Ikeishia are from that village and lived like 2 minutes away from each other. 

The Church here can be termed a family Church as over the years, several relatives and friends have been baptized. The current membership is a mixture of 6 brothers and eight sisters, 2 couples and the remainder are singles. The age group is such that there are 5 singles in there 20’s and the other disciples are 35 and over going up to late 60’s. It is a great mix and the disciples here love to spend time with each other.  Annual events include Bring Your Neighbour Day, Retreat and Summer Splash. IN 2018 we started the Children’s Ministry and in 2019 the Singles Ministry was launched.
The Church has had its fair share of challenges but continues to persevere. The Church has been completed self-funded up to 2018. in 2019 we got our first assistance from CMS which has been a great help to the mission here. We have close relationships with Churches in the Caribbean region, and with disciples in the US, England and Canada which keeps us inspired and helps us to grow. We thank God for all that He has done, all that He is doing and all that He will do and to Him be all the glory.

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