Priorities & Strategy

#1. Ongoing Training of Current Leadership

This is our most pressing need. The vast majority of our churches are led by dedicated couples who also work in secular professions. These couples are in need of greater ministry training and support to face the challenges within their local congregations while raising up new leadership and continuing to grow numerically. Most training takes place in online conversations via Skype. However, we believe this training is best provided when it is face-to-face in a relationship with a trained Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader. Therefore, personal visits to each other’s churches and attendance at Caribbean Regional Meetings will be essential. Participation in the newly formed Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Missions will also accelerate the training process. Stronger churches will be a natural result of stronger, trained leadership.

#2. Strengthen Existing Churches

Each of our current churches has the potential to make substantial contributions toward the evangelization of the Caribbean. Whether it be planting churches on islands of the same language, financially supporting mission work, or sending trained leadership to help plant new work -- every Caribbean church has a role to play. It is for this reason that each church must be healthy and strong. To accomplish this, spiritually mature Christians are needed to visit and encourage the churches, hold marriage/parenting workshops, speak at retreats, etc.

#3. Raise Up Future Leadership

Presently, our leadership ‘bench’ is shallow. Few are able to step into leadership positions. In order to successfully evangelize the Caribbean we need many more who are ‘waiting in the wings’ for the call to go anywhere, and do anything for Jesus. These future leaders will primarily be found on our campuses, but there is also significant leadership potential in our Singles and Married Ministries. Healthy churches will provide fertile ground for these future leaders to grow and mature.