About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1997

Number of Disciples: 22

Leadership: Delano Pinas & Siglien Partoredjo (Non Full-Time Tentmakers)

The Internationale Gemeente van Christus te Paramaribo was planted in the year 1997. Currently there are 22 disciples. We have a leadership group headed by Delano Pinas en Sieglien Partoredjo Pinas The theme of this year (2020 ) is entitled: “My soul thirsts for God” ( Psalm 42:2; ). We felt like if we can come to a point where we are thirsty for God it will help us to grow more and do much much more than we can imagine. Because we are still small we were able to add a new program where everyone in Church needed to take ownership and partake in our services. That was a success and this year we continue with it. We have for example 5 brothers who preach in turn and other brothers are doing the contribution and communion. The sisters for example help with the announcements.

This year there are some things that we are looking forward to. We will be having our long awaited annual retreat. But this time it will be organized together with the Church in Guyana. We call it meet each other half way. This year it will be on Surinamese soil. We are also planning to have a couple from Canada and one from the USA joining our joined annual retreat. This will be a great time and both Churches will use this time to get closer to each other and learned also from those from the UAS and Canada. 

The year started with a surprised visit from a brother named Marc from the USA residing at this moment in Santo Domingo. During his time here he served! (preaching but also ushering) If all goes according to Gods plan he and his family will return next year and they might stay for a longer period of time. Other than that we will be working on helping those who we are studying with to make Jesus their Lord. As previous years we are hopeful that 2020 will be a successful year.

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