Trinidad & Tobago

About the Ministry

Church Planted: 1989

Leadership: Nanieno and Merlene La Fleur (Lead Ministry and WML)

Number of Disciples: 256

The church is split into 4 main regions – North (Main region) South, Tobago and Central

Location Leadership Size
Port of Spain, Trinidad Nanieno and Merlene La Fleur 200
Chaguanas, Trindad Bevon Pope 27
San Fernando, Trinidad Anthony Tang-Foon & Brenda Butler 24
Sangre Grande, Trinidad 10
Scarborough, Tobago Norman Dickerson 14
Total Disciples 275

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Nanieno and Merlene are home grown disciples who took over the leadership in 2016 after the Millets returned to the US. The plan remains the same as we seek to save as many for Christ (same plan different man/couple). The church has now begun to focus on family again and building up our Campus ministry. Our singles ministry (ONE MINISTRY) is planning a resurgence of excitement and enthusiasm as our singles seek to make an impact for God. Overall we are dreaming again for the growth of the church and praying for hearts that are sold out for Christ and led by his spirit.

Our theme was “Declare His Glory!” (Ps 96) as the church was encouraged by the preaching of the Psalms each Sunday. Due to a projected negative cash flow, we decided to come out of the building we had leased for the last 13 years in downtown Port of Spain. Since the beginning of April, the church that used to meet in Port of Spain now rents space two Sundays per month and meets in 9 different homes for modest worship services for the remaining Sundays. All midweek services are also now in house churches. God has shown us that in all things he really does “work for the good of those who love him”.

Our relationships with one another have been strengthened, many brothers are leading in ways they never have before, our weekly offering has increased, and we saw more souls make Jesus Lord than previous years. At the same time, we believe the transition has exposed hardened hearts that before were masked by meeting in the larger assembly. As a result, many have been removed from membership and we saw little overall numerical growth.

We seek God’s direction as we equip the saints for works of service and expand our leadership base. Please pray for the continued spread of the gospel in Trinidad & Tobago!


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